Liposuction Details

Our practice understands that there are many benefits to liposuction, primarily removing unwanted fat from targeted areas. Common areas for liposuction include your abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. You can also get it on your arms, back, and under your chin. Getting rid of excess weight offers many health benefits, such as increasing your energy and decreasing your aches and pains. You want to be in relatively good health and somewhat close to your ideal body weight before pursuing liposuction. This procedure is great for after pregnancy or significant weight loss.

After obtaining your ideal body, you may notice that your self-esteem increases. When you look better, you may feel better about yourself and notice that your self-confidence improves.

Liposuction is easily customized to your goals and may be used in conjunction with other procedures in Seattle, like a tummy tuck, in order to give you the best results. Your results can last a long time, especially when you include regular exercise and a balanced diet. In fact, the initial weight loss you experience may inspire and encourage you to continue making healthy choices.

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When you cannot get rid of your stubborn fat, consider liposuction in Seattle. Dr. Min and the rest of our Newvue Medical team can help you slim down and tone up so you can have the body you desire. Call our clinic today to discuss your treatment options.