Your Breast Surgery Initial Consultation

Before your breast procedure in Bellevue, you will attend an initial consultation with our expert plastic surgeons. Depending on your unique needs, our team will recommend one or a combination of breast augmentation, breast lift, breast implant revision, or breast reduction surgery. Together, we will design the ideal surgical strategy to help you achieve your desired silhouette.

During your initial consultation, we will provide personalized guidelines for your surgery and recovery. We strongly recommend you closely follow all preoperative and post-operative instructions outlined by our surgeons to ensure your best chances of a smooth procedure and recovery. During this time, we may advise you to undergo certain lifestyle changes, including avoiding smoking, using nicotine products, recreational drug use, and drinking. These healthy lifestyle changes will give you the best chance for optimal surgery and recovery.

Breast Procedures

Breast Lift

breast lift may be right for you if you wish to enhance your breasts without implants. The breast lift revitalizes drooping and sagging breasts by contouring and lifting them. Our skilled plastic surgeons precisely remove the excess and unwanted breast skin and tissue. You will enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking result. Your breasts will appear more youthful, attractive, and forward-projecting.

Breast Augmentation

This is the ultimate procedure for breast enhancement. Breast augmentation increases the volume of the breasts with the insertion of an FDA-approved saline or silicone implant. With breast augmentation, you can enhance every aspect of your breasts, including size, shape, firmness, fullness, proportion, projection, and symmetry.

Breast Reduction

Our male and female patients from Bellevue and beyond want to remove unwanted, excess, and unattractive breast tissue. Often, people experience heavy, weighty, and uncomfortable breasts. Many of our male patients experience Gynecomastia. This medical condition results in excess breast tissue in men. A breast reduction procedure can give you smaller, more proportionate, and more comfortable breasts that fit your frame while dramatically improving your wellness.

Breast Implant Revision

Many patients have approached our plastic surgeons to remove their breast implants. We also offer services to replace breast implants and correct the placement of breast implants to ease your comfort. This procedure can refresh your look, even when removing implants.