How Does Eyelid Surgery Work?

Every eyelid procedure in Bellevue is unique, just as everyone’s eyes are unique, but most procedures involve the removal of some fat and excess skin. Some procedures also involve the removal of some muscle tissue. Dr. Min will make an incision in the natural crease of the eyelids and separate the skin and fatty tissue from the underlying muscle to allow for its removal. In some cases, fatty tissue may be redistributed or muscles altered to provide shape and firmness to the eyelids. Dr. Min may also employ more modern techniques, such as lasers or wrinkle fillers (with patient approval), to achieve the desired result. In the case of double eyelid surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty), the eyelids will be reshaped to ad a crease where there previously was none to allow the eyes to open more fully and give a more alert, rounded look.

You will experience some bruising and swelling during the first several days. You will be given medication and special cold compresses to reduce pain and swelling, as well as prescription eye drops. You can expect your vision to remain slightly blurry for 2-3 days, but these effects will not last. If you use contact lenses, you may have to wait 1-2 weeks before wearing them again. Within 2-3 weeks, eyes should feel like they are opening and shutting naturally, and because eyes heal so well, patients rarely notice any scarring.

After Your Eyelid Surgery Procedure

You are still our patient after you leave, and we will be there for you as you recover to answer any questions you may have and advise you on any side effects you may be feeling. After eyelid surgery in Bellevue, patients can generally return home within a matter of hours. You will be given special cold compresses and medication to manage pain and swelling, as well as prescription eye drops and instructions for using them. Dr. Min will advise you on the specifics of your recovery program. Patients can begin moving around right away and resume light exercise after about a week. Most patients return to work in 5-10 days, but you should avoid strenuous activity for at least 2 weeks.

Your Eyelid Surgery Options

Dr. Min will help you customize the eyelid surgery procedure in Bellevue to give you a natural, energized face to show the world. The procedure itself will vary slightly from person to person and may be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. It may also be performed in combination with other procedures, such as a face or brow lift.