Safety & Risks of Laser Vascular Vein Therapy

Laser vascular vein therapy is FDA-approved for Bellevue patients of all ages. Side effects are minimal and are generally similar to light sunburn. You may feel minimal swelling, itchiness, redness, and slight discomfort. Most will subside in a few hours and be gone within a day.

In rare cases, patients can develop blood clots after the treatment. Those clots can occasionally lead to other medical complications and in very rare cases, death.

After Your Laser Vascular Vein Procedure

You may experience some cramping and mild discomfort in the legs or other treated areas for the first day or so, as well as mild skin irritation or itching. Be prepared for your skin to look worse before it gets better. The bruising that results from the destruction of the vessels can take up to a month to fully resolve.

During the first stage of your recovery, it will be important to walk regularly and avoid sitting for long periods to prevent blood clots from forming. While this light activity is encouraged, patients should avoid all strenuous activity, including jogging and lifting, for a month. Call now to discuss laser vascular vein therapy in Bellevue.