Breast Augmentation Benefits

Our practice helps many patients in Seattle get the body of their dreams, and we are excited to share the benefits of breast augmentation with you. This procedure can help balance your body proportions and give you a more harmonious silhouette with increased volume and symmetry. Breast implants can help after pregnancy and weight loss or gain. They are also commonly used for breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, helping restore your natural shape.

After your augmentation, you may feel better about yourself and more satisfied with your body. You may notice that your clothes fit better, which can help boost your self-confidence.

At Newvue, we are dedicated to helping you attain natural-looking results with a soft and lifelike feel. The choice of implant type and its placement is customized for you and ultimately depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Dr. Min will make a recommendation based on your desired results but will also take your measurements and the elasticity of your skin into consideration. Though implants provide long-lasting results, they do not typically last throughout a lifetime.

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Getting breast augmentation in Seattle can help to give your breasts volume and symmetry and can even reconstruct them after a mastectomy. At Newvue Medical, we are happy to support you through your transformation. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Min, call us today.